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Just because you can’t make it to Los Angeles while you’re in California doesn’t mean all is lost. Far from it, San Diego is an excellent place to spend the weekend with its own thriving urban culture. Museums, an excellent night life, and plenty of beaches mean you can probably find something to do regardless of your temperament. OROGOLD has a few suggestions for anyone stuck in San Diego over a long weekend though. These will point you at some of the true highlights of the city and let you get the taste for San Diego without needing to spend a week there. Just remember to bring a good pair of shoes and some sunscreen as there’s a lot of walking to be had in this city.

San Diego Zoo.

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San Diego Zoo
You just can’t ignore the San Diego Zoo when you’re in the city. The consistently high ratings across the world and continual quest to improve the zoo itself make it not only a good experience but an exercise in conservation done well. Animals from all over the world are found within the zoo and its safari park. Some of them, sadly, among species becoming increasingly rare in the wild. This makes the zoo’s continual conservation efforts particularly meaningful. You can see a picture of a lion or an elephant easily online, but outside of zoos like the San Diego Zoo the animals remain abstract concepts. Do yourself a favor and remind yourself of the multitude of species you share the planet with and gain a new appreciation for the world by visiting the San Diego Zoo.

Hotel del Coronado.

This peninsular area is technically just over the water from San Diego, but considered to still be part of the city. Comparatively isolated, there are fewer people wandering Coronado than the city proper. You can spend the day lounging on the beach easily enough without worrying about finding a spot far enough away from others that you can enjoy yourself. If you’re feeling more active, walking and other active tours are available for the area as well that will let you get in a bit of exercise while taking in the beauty of the area. The jewel of the area is Hotel del Coronado, a sprawling Victorian resort hotel. Feel free to spend one of your nights here if you’re feeling adventurous. After all, the hotel is supposedly haunted.

Gaslamp Quarter.

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Gaslamp Quarter
Feel like burning the midnight oil? Or maybe a bit of midday people watching over a light meal? The Gaslamp Quarter caters to both kinds of tastes. This district of the city features a wide variety of venues with special emphasis placed on excellent food and similar venues. They are happy to make full use of the city’s climate by making sure open air dining or drinking is available throughout the year. But the Gaslamp Quarter is also part of the historical trolley tour route. So if you’d rather see some of the older sites of San Diego and learn its history, find the right trolley and settle in. It will certainly let you rest your feet after all the walking from the other suggestions.

San Diego is a wonderful destination whether you can stay a week or only just the weekend. The main issue is figuring out how to narrow down where you want to actually go in a short stay. OROGOLD hopes these suggestions help you do just that. Oh, and remember your sunscreen if you have a leisurely lunch in the Gaslamp Quarter.

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