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The world is filled with destinations that are so intensely colored that they can often seem surreal. From majestically colored natural landscapes to towns that have been painted in vibrant shades, these destinations will no doubt take your breath away.

Júzcar, Malaga, Spain
This small and peaceful town in the south of Spain once had buildings that were traditionally whitewashed. However, in 2011, the whole village, including the village church and gravestones, were painted smurf-blue by Sony Pictures, in preparation for the Smurf movie which was going to be filmed there. 4000 liters of paint were used to cover all of the town’s buildings, with Sony promising to paint them back to their original color once filming had finished. But the blue colored town received such a boost in tourism, going from 300 tourists a year to 80,000 tourists in just the six months after the painting was completed, that the town’s citizens voted to keep all their buildings blue.


A beautiful image of Hitsujiyama Park, Japan

Hitsujiyama Park, Japan
Moss Pink, locally known as shibazakura, is a flower that grows close to the ground in vibrant shades of pink. Hitsujiyama Hill, near to the Japanese city of Chichibu, is home to 400,000 moss pink plants, with eight different varieties. Each year, in April and May, these flowers all bloom, creating surreal pink and purple hillside landscapes. As well as these flowers, different varieties of cherry trees, also planted in the park, are also in full bloom at this time, giving you a view of a brightly colored stretch of land measuring over 17,000 acres, with a backdrop of the Daisetsuzan Mountain range.


A picture of the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, Malay Quarter, Cape Town

Bo-Kaap, South Africa
Bo-Kaap, a neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa, is known as being the spiritual home of the Muslim community in Cape Town. Located at the foot of Signal Hill, many of Bo-Kaap’s residents are descendants of the slaves who were imported by the Dutch to the Cape of Good Hope in the 16th and 17th centuries, from Malaysia, Indonesia, and many African countries. The steep streets of Bo-Kaap are lined with traditional houses, all painted in bright vibrant colors, and the area is known as the most colorful locations in South Africa.


The Northern Lights Phenomenon

Northern Lights, Norway
The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most extravagant displays, filling the skies with multicolored twists and swirls. To see this magnificent display, you must be at a location that has a latitude of at least 60 degrees. One of the best places to view the Northern Lights are Northern Norway, where they can be seen at their best. They are most commonly seen between 9pm and 2am, although many hotels in the area offer an Aurora alarm for those who do not want to wait up.

With so much going on in our daily lives, it is often easy to forget how much beauty and wonder there is in the world, but there are so many places that have such spectacularly special qualities that one cannot fail to be inspired by them. The amazing colors featured in all of these destinations will continue to excite and enchant many more generations to come, keeping the world bright and vibrant.

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