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Taipei, Taiwan

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Packed with history, culture, and a multitude of geological wonders, Taiwan is an incredible country to visit. However, if you only have three days to spare, you need to plan your time in Taiwan carefully, so as to not miss out on any of the country’s major highlights.

Day 1
Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, and is usually where the majority of visitors spend their time when visiting the country. While it is relatively easy to explore the city on your own, it could be worth signing up for a tour, so that you are able to see the city’s main sights in one day. From the National Palace Museum, which is where you will find the largest collection of Chinese art in the world, to the Longshan Temple, which is one of the most exquisite traditional Chinese temples in the country, there is so much to explore in Taipei. Once the sun goes down, head on over to the Shilin Night Market to taste some of the city’s culinary specialities, before making your way to the observation deck of Taipei 101, to enjoy a twinkling panorama of the city below.

Bridge in Taroko Gorge National Park, Taiwan

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Day 2
While you may want to spend your second day exploring more of Taipei, it would be worthwhile taking a day trip to the Taroko Gorge, as this is one of the most spectacular areas of natural beauty in the country, and is not too far from Taipei. With its winding tunnels, sheer marble cliffs and fast-flowing Liwu River, the Taroko Gorge is definitely awe-inspiring, and it is no surprise that this is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of Asia. In the afternoon, spend some time relaxing on Chi Hsing Beach, before taking in the art at the Hualien Stone Sculptural Park. You also have the option of touring the nearby marble factory, where you will be able to learn how this stone is crafted into the artistic pieces that Taiwan is known for.

A street in Yingge, Taiwan

Day 3
After all of the sight-seeing of the past two days, spend the morning of day three at the Yangmingshan National Park, where you will be able to explore serene lakes and bubbling hot springs, making this the perfect way to unwind and reflect back upon all that you have seen so far. The national park is located right next to two towns, with the first being Yingge. This is the country’s ceramic capital, making it a must-visit for art lovers, as you will be able to see some truly incredible handmade works of art, ranging from magnificent statues to delicate tea sets. The next town is Sansia, which is famous for being home to the Ching Shui Tsu Shih Temple. This temple was built in 1769, and boasts the finest examples in the world of Chinese temple art.

There is so much to see and do in Taiwan, and while three days is not nearly enough to thoroughly explore the country, it is just about enough to showcase some of its highlights. From the busy, bustling city of Taipei to the tranquillity of the Yangmingshan National Park, this itinerary encompasses some of Taiwan’s most significant sights.

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