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Bahrain at night
While Bahrain may be a relatively small country, it definitely does not fall short in the nightlife department. From live music to the hottest dance clubs, these are some of the top spots to head to if you want to experience the very best of Bahrain’s weekend nightlife.

Club XS
Located at the Ramee Rose Hotel, Club XS is one of the hottest nightclubs in Bahrain, and their Phat Fridays event features a truly eclectic range of music. In addition to the usual house, R&B and commercial chart music that is usually played at clubs on a weekend, the talented DJs of Club XS also play some toe-tapping reggaeton and moombahton mixes as well, making it no surprise that the dance floor is usually packed on a Friday and Saturday night. To top it all off, the club offers free drinks for ladies, as well as an extended happy hour.

The Warbler
With its relaxed British pub atmosphere and fantastic events each weekend, the Warbler has long since been a hot spot on Bahrain’s nightlife scene. This is a bar that showcases live music, and the band is always happy to accept requests for popular covers, which, when combined with the large dance floor, makes for a fun-filled night.

JJ Murphy’s and Barnaby Joe’s
JJ Murphy’s is an Irish themed pub that pours what many locals would consider to be the best Guinness on the island, with a shamrock shaped into the froth. With a resident DJ that plays every night of the week, as well as pub quizzes, this is a great place to spend the evening, especially if you want to head to one of Bahrain’s top nightclubs afterwards. There is a connecting door that takes guests from JJ Murphy’s to Barnaby Joe’s, which is a club that features some of the top DJs in the nation. Whether you want to dance the night away, or relax in the cocktail lounge, these two spots always make for an unforgettable night.

For those who want to spend their weekend listening to music that is not commercial, then Likwid is the best venue to head to. With its intimate atmosphere and open-mindedness, this is a club that celebrates a diverse range of music styles. Thanks to its varied music program, Likwid is a club that is often frequented by top international DJs, and has made quite the name for itself on the nightlife circuit.

Bizarre Lounge
Bizarre Lounge
While the Bizarre Lounge’s name might not make it sound instantly appealing, there is absolutely nothing bizarre about the venue on the weekends, with Friday night in particular being especially popular. This is because Friday nights are Salsa Nights at the Bizarre Lounge, offering everything from Latin music to dance instructors who are on-hand to teach salsa throughout the night.

The nightlife in Bahrain is extremely varied, and this is exactly why both locals and tourists love it. From the intimacy of a small, eclectic music club such as Likwid, to the consistent dance floor action at Club XS, the weekend is the ideal time to explore Bahrain’s diverse nightlife scene.

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