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Food always seems to taste better at the beach, and that is because the feeling of the sand beneath your feet, along with the sound of crashing waves, heightens all of your senses. Whether you prefer casual dining or gourmet delicacies, OROGOLD presents some of the best beach restaurants from around the world.

Cheese, meat, seafood and vegetables beautifully stacked in a restaurant.

Nammos Beach Club, Bali
Nammos Beach Club in Bali is considered to be a hidden gem, where gourmet dishes and exquisite cocktails are served right to your sunbed. Located on a quiet lagoon with white sandy beaches, the only way for guests to access this restaurant is via a private inclinator, which takes guests 100 meters down a sheer limestone cliff. Seafood is not only cooked to order, but is also caught to order, with waiters diving into the lagoon to collect their locally farmed seafood. At night, the atmosphere is one of romance, and there is plenty of champagne and beer on offer to wash down the delicious lobster and prawns.

La Huella, Uruguay
La Huella, one of the most idyllic beach restaurants in the world, is located in a small town in Uruguay. The restaurant team frequently travels abroad during the quiet season, bringing back inspiration and ideas for new and exciting dishes. The restaurant itself resembles an ancient ship, with a maze of dining rooms and open kitchens. Tender strips of meat are marinated and then cooked over an open grill, but the speciality of La Huella is their fresh seafood, cooked over a coal fire.

Mussels with herbs in a wooden background

Da Conch Shack and Rum Bar, Turks and Caicos
This Caribbean shack may not look too impressive when you first approach it, but after you’ve been taken to your table on the beach, underneath swaying palm trees facing the ocean, you’ll quickly change your mind about it. The conch is a shellfish that has become one of the national dishes of Turks and Caicos, with firm white meat that is used to create a variety of seafood dishes. A regular haunt for both tourists and locals, Da Conch Shack has a laid-back vibe and also serves delicious rum-based cocktails, with their island punch being one of the best that you will taste.

A large vegetarian pizza on a wooden table.

Lola’s, Costa Rica
Lola’s is named after the owners’ pet pig, who used to freely roam the gorgeous Costa Rican beach. The atmosphere is relaxed, with tables scattered along the beach under palm and almond trees, and hammocks for those who want to lay back and relax. The menu features a mix of thin crust vegetarian pizzas, organic chicken dishes and sustainably caught fish. Their most popular dishes include their seared ahi tuna and their ceviche, both of which are ideal dishes to eat whilst overlooking the turquoise water and watching the surfers ride the waves. For larger groups, private candlelit dinners can be arranged, promising an unforgettable evening.

From colorful beach shacks with the freshest seafood, to gourmet bars on the beach, there is never a lack of choice when it comes to great beachside restaurants. Although many of them are extremely popular, it is still easy to grab a table after you have had a dip in the ocean, giving you an ideal way to end your day.

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