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The American thirst for beer is not only a huge part of the culture, but is also an important economic driver, with craft breweries accounting for a significant portion of overall beer sales. While microbreweries may be popping up just about everywhere, there are some areas of the country that far outshine others when it comes to beer, which is why OROGOLD has put together a small list for you of the best beer towns in the US.

16th Street, Denver

Albert Pego /

Denver, Colorado
Although it may home to beers such as Coors and Blue Moon, Denver also has a number of other, lesser-known microbreweries, each one taking full advantage of the region’s fresh mountain water. Since the city experiences over three hundred days of sunshine each year, this means that the brewery taprooms easily turn into outdoor drinking spots, making them Denver’s version of neighborhood bars. Denver is also home to the Great American Beer Festival, which has been held there annually since 1984.

Street in Portland.

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Portland, Oregon
Portland is home to over eighty different breweries, with even more in the suburbs, and is always at the forefront of the industry. With a rich, beer-infused culture, you will always be able to find a microbrewery in the city, serving up something unique and tasty. There are also plenty of beer bars to choose from, but what OROGOLD loves the most is the huge number of beer festivals that Portland hosts. From the Oregon Brewers Fest to the Fruit Beer Fest, no matter when in the year you choose to visit, you are bound to be there for some sort of beer festival. Portland’s brewing community is extremely collaborative rather than competitive, which might be why they are able to produce some of America’s best beer.

Public Market Center, Seattle.

Seattle, Washington
When it comes to alcohol, over half of the country’s craft distilleries are in the state of Washington, so you can expect them to take their beverage industry very seriously. As for beer, you will find over 300 breweries in Washington, the majority of them being located in or around Seattle. Brewers in Seattle, such as Fremont, Black Raven and Two Beers, have managed to perfect their Northwest-style India Pale Ales, making them famous world over. The reason for this is likely due to the fact that their hops come from the Cascade Mountains, just a short distance away from the majority of the breweries. If you are pondering over which breweries to visit, OROGOLD recommends Stoup Brewing, which was created by two scientists and has a tap room that always has an army of delicious food trucks outside.

Although there is such a huge number of breweries in the US, each and every craft beer still has their own distinct taste and personality. While Portland, Denver and Seattle may be some of America’s best beer towns, there are many others that are just as accomplished in their own right, with each one contributing to the country’s overall beer culture.

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