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Breakfast spread

Delicious brunches can be had all over LA, but when it comes to an unforgettable breakfast, this can be harder to find. To help you out, OROGOLD has gathered together some of the best breakfast spots in LA.

As soon as you enter the doors of Republique, in Hancock Park, you immediately see the breakfast spread laid out enticingly in front of you. From pastries and sweets to seasonal doughnuts, the options seem almost endless for those who have a sweet tooth. However, for a truly satisfying breakfast that will have you coming back to Republique day after day, OROGOLD recommends the Shakshouka, a classic Israeli breakfast dish, or the Kimchi Fried Rice, mixed through with plenty of tender beef short rib and a soft fried egg on top.

Situated in West Hollywood, Cecconi’s is a classy Italian restaurant that serves up a delicious, high-end breakfast. The menu features dishes such as baked eggs arrabiata, spinach and pancetta frittatas, and porchetta ham benedicts, giving you classic Italian breakfast items with a modern twist. Their in-house bakery has a delightful spread on offer, featuring croissants, French toast, hotcakes and so much more. The restaurant’s organic cold-pressed juices are the perfect morning pick-me-up, from the ‘block rockin’ beets’ to the ‘charcoal lemonade’.

Gjelina is well known for its weekend brunch, but they do an equally impressive breakfast. The menu features a well-balanced selection of both light and heavy dishes, and their pancakes are an item that keep the regulars constantly returning. Not sure what to order? OROGOLD suggests the lemon buckwheat ricotto pancakes, as the pancakes are most definitely one of Gjelina’s strengths and something that we would return for time and time again.

Huckleberry Café & Bakery
Located in Santa Monica, Huckleberry is usually always crowded, which is why many locals choose to order breakfast to-go. Whether you decide to eat in or out, you won’t be disappointed with the breakfast options available, from fresh croissants to buttery scones to an incredible brisket hash. However, the one dish that OROGOLD would strongly recommend you try, and it’s also the dish that Huckleberry is most famous for, is the green eggs and ham – you definitely won’t regret it.

Cora’s Coffee Shoppe
Another breakfast spot located in Santa Monica, Cora’s Coffee Shoppe is a casual breakfast café that makes use of the high-end ingredients, as well as cooking techniques, of Italian restaurant Capo next door. OROGOLD loves their wrap-around patio, with the serene surroundings providing the perfect backdrop to the exquisite breakfast dishes. From blueberry buckwheat pancakes to artichoke tarragon omelettes to Wagyu steak and eggs, breakfast at Cora’s Coffee Shoppe makes you feel as though you are eating a gourmet meal at surprisingly affordable prices.

If you are in LA and looking for somewhere to enjoy a delicious breakfast, be sure to keep OROGOLD’s list of the best breakfast spots in LA in mind. From high-end Italian fare to some of the best pancakes in town, Los Angeles makes the morning meal decadent and so enjoyable.

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