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Delicious looking lobster rollsBoston’s seafood scene is thriving, and one dish that holds a significant amount of culinary pride for the city is their lobster rolls. OROGOLD takes a look at where to go to find the best lobster rolls in Boston.

Yankee Lobster Co.
The Yankee Lobster Co. is an internationally known fish market that serves up much-loved lobster rolls. Their outlet, right by the waterfront, is a small one that keeps you away from the mayhem of a larger restaurant, with the outdoor environment being the perfect place to relax with a beer and a roll. The claw/knuckle meat combination, all whittled down to perfect bite-sized pieces, is fantastically complemented with a light tarragon mayo mix and a griddled bun. For the ultimate in lobster roll satisfaction, OROGOLD recommends ordering the Lobster Club, a lobster roll that contains bacon.

Neptune Oyster Bar
Located in the North End, the Neptune Oyster Bar doesn’t take reservations, meaning that no matter when you arrive, you are likely to have to wait a while before being seated. However, the wait is definitely worth it, as their lobster rolls are truly one-of-a-kind. There are two choices on offer, the first being a classic Maine-style roll, served with a chilli-mayo dressing, and the second being a hot buttered roll. These lobster rolls are not exactly traditional – the bread used is brioche, and there are generous servings of black pepper on every roll. However, this adds to the taste in a novel way, and their beautifully cooked, and perfectly seasoned, meat, as well as their ideal ratio of meat to bread, makes this a lobster roll that is hard to beat!

James Hook & Co.
James Hook & Co may not look too impressive at first glance, being a small seafood shack right by the Boston harbor. However, simplicity is often a good thing when it comes to food, and the lobster rolls from this establishment are no exception. The meat is mostly claw meat, and is delicately dressed with a light mayo and served in a toasted bun. While this may not seem like anything too special, the rolls are truly exquisite, mostly due to how fresh the lobster meat is.

Kelly’s Roast Beef
While this seafood shack may choose to advertise their roast beef rather than their lobster rolls in their name, it is most definitely the rolls that the regulars flock here for each day. Although located in the Greater Boston area, the extra travel time will be worth it once you taste the lobster roll. In addition to the mayo-dressed lobster meat within the crisp and buttered bun, Kelly’s also includes tiny bites of crisp celery, as well as the subtle taste of pickle brine. OROGOLD also loves the fact that Kelly’s is situated right by the beach, meaning that you can enjoy your lobster roll while surrounded by fresh ocean air and the sound of crashing waves.

Whether it’s for an afternoon snack or a full evening meal, lobster rolls can be eaten and enjoyed at just about any time of the day. No matter what sort of roll you’re looking for, be it a classic roll or something with an innovative twist, you will no doubt be able to find it in Boston.

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