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When a spa has a long line of celebrity clientèle, it is likely that they are offering some services that are worth exploring. From a spa on the sandy beaches of Thailand that is frequented by the Beckhams to a new program launching in Costa Rica that has already been tried and tested by Bill Gates, these celebrity spa spots are definitely worth a visit.

The Ranch, Malibu
Set in the Santa Monica Mountains, overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean, The Ranch is one of the most exclusive spas out there, only allowing sixteen guests at a time. While The Ranch may offer a strict no WiFi policy, and has no cell phone reception up in the mountains, their results-driven program is only four days long, so guests are not disconnected for too long. From Mandy Moore to Selma Blair to Julianne Hough to Brittany Snow, The Ranch has long since been a favorite amongst celebrities due to the way in which it is able to so successfully help with kick-starting the way to a healthy lifestyle for each of their guests.

Chiva-Som, Thailand
With clientèle such as the Beckhams, Elizabeth Hurley, and Elle Macpherson, it comes as no surprise that Chiva-Som is a resort and spa that offers the highest in luxury. With a name that means Haven of Life, Chiva-Som is a holistic paradise, and even has its own Medi-Spa that complements their more traditional approaches to healing. Frequently named as one of the world’s best spas, Chiva-Som is all about helping their guests to achieve change, and this is what the celebrities love most about it.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
Situated on the Spanish coastline, the SHA Wellness Clinic has welcomed some important guests in the past, from the likes of Kylie Minogue to Naomi Campbell. This spa focuses on overall health and well-being, bringing together traditional oriental techniques with high-tech innovations. The spa boasts some truly advanced methods, and, in addition to its claim of being the only macrobiotic spa in Europe, is also able to help with a number of aging issues.

Four Seasons, Costa Rica
The Four Seasons in Costa Rica recently launched their Pura Vida for All program, which has enticed everyone from Bill Gates to Miranda Kerr to Pink to Jay Z. After consulting with the Wellness Concierge, who will also be taking your phone away for 24 hours, guests can then begin to partake in a number of different activities, from yoga and meditation to attending a Natural Remedies class to learn about using native ingredients for healing purposes. Their full program will only be launched in 2017, but it is still worth paying this lush jungle retreat a visit, for a taster of the other wonders that are soon to come to this spa.

When it comes to pampering and indulgence, celebrities know exactly where to go for the best treatments. From the jungles of Costa Rica to the mountains of Malibu, these stunning spas will definitely not disappoint.

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