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Düsseldorf is home to a wide range of attractions that appeal to all ages, making it the perfect destination for a family vacation. From water parks to puppet shows, here are just a few of the many family-friendly activities in Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf Harbor
Dusselstrand is a leisure and water park that sprawls out for over 1300 square meters, and is the perfect place for a family to spend a few hours, or even the day. Young children will love the Kid’s Pool, which features everything from climbable watch towers to large frogs, while teenagers will get a huge thrill out of the Black Hole, a slide that travels down for 100 meters. In the meantime, the adults can relax and make the most out of the jacuzzis, bubble beds, saunas, and so much more.

Aquazoo Lobbecke Museum
For families that love animals, the Aquazoo Lobbecke Museum is a must-visit. This facility is unique to Europe, in that it combines a natural history museum with a zoo. With over 140 different aquariums, terrariums and enclosures, you are bound to be able to catch quite a few sightings of all of your favorite creatures. There is also a huge emphasis placed on education here, with interactive displays that children can really immerse themselves in, enabling them to learn so much about ecological diversity and the importance of nature.

City Rally
It is all-too-common on family vacations for parents to want to explore the city, but end up having to deal with disgruntled children. The City Rally tours are designed especially for families, and provide a great way for families to explore Düsseldorf together, in a fun and enjoyable way. Designed as colorful maps that children can easily follow, there are questions for families to answer along the way, and, if these are all answered correctly, they can then enter into the online City Rally competition and win a number of exciting prizes. There are two tours available, one that takes you around the harbor and one that focuses on the city center, giving you the opportunity to be able to explore the best that Düsseldorf has to offer.

Art and Culture
It can sometimes be difficult to make cultural activities sound appealing to children, but there are a few in Düsseldorf that are bound to captivate. Helmholtzstrasse is home to a puppet theater, which is ideal for introducing children to the theater for the first time, as it will no doubt make them laugh and result in plenty of fun. Düsseldorf is known for being quite the haven for the arts, and there are a few established art houses that host exciting tours and presentations that have been specially designed for children, such as the Museum Kunstpalast and the Junges Schauspielhaus, meaning that parents will also have the opportunity to learn more about the city’s history and culture.

Düsseldorf is a rich and fascinating city to visit, and appeals to all types of travelers. For those visiting the city as a family, there are so many activities to choose from, whether you are seeking out art and culture or general exploration, and the entire family is more than likely to have a truly enjoyable time.

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