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Gold is classic and timeless, but, because it can sometimes look over the top, it is a color that people tend to stay away from when decorating their homes. However, when used in a tasteful way, gold can add a sense of sophistication and glamor to your home in a way that you would never have imagined. For some inspiration on how to do this, OROGOLD has put together some ideas that you can use for that luxurious golden home that you have always dreamed of.

Gold furniture.

Golden Furniture and Upholstery
In order to look rich rather than gaudy, golden furniture needs to be chosen carefully. If you are opting for gold upholstery fabric, OROGOLD advises going with softer tones, and then pairing this with other colors. For example, a pale golden sofa is perfectly set off when you have grey shaded cushions for contrast. Golden curtains are another fantastic option, and these look especially attractive when the natural sunlight comes filtering through them, casting a golden glow over the whole room.

Gold pillow

Gold Throws and Throw Pillows
If your sofa is a color that would work well with gold, then OROGOLD would suggest taking a look at gold colored throws and throw pillows. If you are using gold in this way, then you have more choice when it comes to the shade that you choose, with richer shades of gold often looking the best. If you want something even more subtle than this, then choose printed cushion covers that feature gold amongst other colors.

Golden wall.

Gold Walls
While you may not want all of your walls to be gold, choosing to paint just one wall gold adds a touch of luxury to just about any room. You could also use gold paint to create gold accents or patterns on your existing walls, and there are a wide variety of stencils to choose from if you need some extra guidance.

Gold candlestick

Golden Decorations
Gold is often the color of choice when it comes to picture frames and mirrors, but rather than just having a couple of items framed in gold, try coordinating most of your decorations so that they all incorporate gold in some way. If you have certain items that could do with some sprucing up, be it candle stands, vases, or simply ornaments that have lost their shine, gold spray paint may be just what you need. This is an extremely affordable way to add some sophistication to the items that you already own. If you are unsure about how this may look, OROGOLD suggests practicing with the spray paint on an item that does not have too much value.

It is likely that you have never really considered incorporating more gold into your home, but this is a great way to bring some style and luxury to just about any room. Whether you go all out with golden upholstery and matching curtains, or simply spray your picture frames and ornaments so that they are a gleaming gold, there are so many different ways that you can our favorite color in your home.

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