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Plotting a good California road trip requires you to know what all you want to see. If you haven’t got a clear idea, then maybe OROGOLD can help. First of all, there needs to be a decision as to where the road trip will start. We’re going to opt for a classic kind of road trip that ends up at the beach. Consequently, northern California is where we’ll need to start and work our way down the state. The sheer length of the state actually makes California ideal for this kind of trip. For a sense of classic Americana, let’s start on US 101 and work our way down the state.

US 101

US 101 to Pacific Coast Highway
Starting in Crescent City, you can wind your way down US 101 along the part of the route known as the Redwood Highway. It has this name for good reason as the route will take you both through and near the redwood forests that make northern California particularly famous. Of particular note are Redwood National Park and Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The latter of which you can take a detour though along the Avenue of the Giants and get a good look at the redwoods without necessarily getting out of your car. If you make the jump near Leggett, then you’ll easily get on the Pacific Coast Highway that will take you along the west coast to see all the rugged beauty there.

Pacific Coast Highway

Along the Pacific Coast Highway
Following along the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll see plenty of sights ranging from great natural cliffs to San Francisco. This way you don’t need to worry about missing The Golden Gate bridge by virtue on not passing nearby. Stopping in San Francisco itself is certainly a tempting option, so don’t be afraid to do that. Stop in Big Sur once you’re done with San Francisco though. Farther south along the highway, this coastal forest has a long history with writers and artists. The majestic landscape is known for its breathtaking beauty and testament to the staying power of nature itself as the area takes all the Pacific Ocean can throw at it.

Los Angeles

Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles
You’ve still got a ways to go on the way to Los Angeles, so why not stop in Pismo Beach along the way? A bit of seafood and stretching your legs will certainly do you some good at this point. The area isn’t as dramatic as Big Sur, but retains the overall beauty of the California coastline. You’ll pass near further state parks as you continue down the coast and can easily detour to them for camping and hiking. But the real goal is to eventually hit Los Angeles. As the city most likely to be viewed as the heart of California, it seems to have everything. Hit a spa to unwind from all the driving you’ve done and get some food of your choice. All you need to do at this point is to decide which beach to relax on.

You trip doesn’t necessarily need to stop there. San Diego and Death Valley are also worthy additions to any road trip in California. OROGOLD didn’t go into exact details about everything along the route because what interests people varies. Countless sights large and small await you along each route. We simply opted to note some of the most noteworthy for most people. Wherever you go on your California road trip, be sure to pack your sunscreen and enjoy all the The Golden State can offer you.

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