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Men’s Fashion Week takes place in the fashion capitals across the world twice a year, but this year New York participated for the first time. Various different designs showed up emphasizing both classic and current aesthetic trends. This does contribute an air of updated timelessness to some old standards, but it comes with the downside that New York’s first showing wasn’t viewed as particularly innovative. OROGOLD would like to take a quick look at this first showing and give you the quick highlights as fall and winter approach. Think of it as a refresher on what went on as the literal and figurative seasons turn.

Model wearing a suit. /

Suits Remain Standard
As ever, menswear designers seemed to put center focus on suits. There was no unifying color trend to really hold all the designers together though. Most variations tended to focus on suits with lower collars to expose undershirts. This often gave the suits a somewhat casual air while maintaining the overall sophistication expected of a suit., This isn’t to say that classic suit cuts were ignored either though. Many serviceable designs walked across the stage and staked their place in Men’s Fashion Week. The most common complaint as a result was simply that there was nothing that made these displays truly stand out. There is no challenging the supremacy of a good suit in menswear of course, but the lack of experimentation disappointed a number of fashion experts looking for more innovation in New York’s first real showing.

Androgyny Continues to be Important
The trend towards androgynous clothing didn’t skip Men’s Fashion Week in New York though it was by no means as prominent as it was in other countries. The blending achieved through the neutral style appeared both in the use of a relaxed cut suitable for models of all sorts and the use of clothing cuts traditionally associated with only women. The latter tended to emphasize a utilitarian approach to clothing instead of the potentially transgressive air that some European designers favor. These were generally paired with neutral toned colors to provide a relaxed, but visually sophisticated look that made the combinations appear perfectly at home on both the street and the runway.

Street style star.

Street Style Stays Relaxed
There was also a fair showing of relaxed street style ensembles. These focused on artfully artless clothing combinations designed to flatter their wearer without the formality of a suit. Button downs and other simple shirts figured heavily into the styles. Some designers opted to use distressed clothing in their outfits, but they didn’t figure as heavily into this fashion week as they had in some previous ones. In some ways, the look could be described as being poised and ready without being intense about it. Colors choices provided contrast in many cases, but most interestingly where were designers blended suit jackets in with mostly street style ensembles. They provided a sort of relaxed elegance through the otherwise paradoxical combination.

Whether due to the somewhat disappointed voices in the crowd or their own whims, the next Men’s Fashion Week in New York won’t be until early next year. Designers will return then with their visions for the coming year. OROGOLD recommends keeping an eye open for the month of September to get an idea of the European approach to menswear as the normal progress of fashion weeks continue. This should help you have an idea of coming trends for the new year without waiting on New York.

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