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While the car is typically the iconic symbol of independence in the United States, some people take that one step farther. You’re either one of those people or looking to be one of those people. A motorcycle has the practical advantages of better gas mileage than a car, but that’s probably not your primary concern. It lets you have a better feel for the road and the world as your travel. In a sense, there is a sense of primal understanding between man and machine as they travel the road of the world. So why not take advantage of it? OROGOLD has a few places to recommend you visit to make the most of that bond and get away from it all in style.

Appalachian Mountains

Appalachian Mountains, USA
Traditionally you’re supposed to hike the Appalachian trail, but with all the roadways along the mounta chain you’ll be able to follow it just fine on a motorcycle. Georgia and Maine both make for great starting points and the real question is what kind of food you want at the end of your adventure. You’ll see plenty of rolling foothills, but the chance to ride up these ancient, rounded mountains will certainly give you ample opportunities for panoramas as well. Following the mountains will take you through around fourteen states. You’ve got plenty of choices on places to stop and detour to along the way depending on what you’re looking for out of the trip. Just pack your motorcycle well and chose when you set out carefully due to the highly variable climate along the route.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, Australia
While not the longest route in the world, this Australian road takes you along some of its vibrant coastal terrain. The road itself doubles as a war memorial for fallen Australian soldiers from World War I that was built by many of their former comrades at arms. This tribute continues to be valued to today not only for its status as a memorial, but the sights along the road itself. Multiple natural and man-made detours are available along the way to draw your attention. While it might not be the most adventurous route in the world, it certainly offers some breath-taking scenery. Spend the day enjoying the route, and honor what that route means by treating the area with the respect it deserves.

Southern Alps in New Zealand.

New Zealand
Yes, this entry is just to recommend an entire country. It may seem a bit much, but the island nation is only so large. The upside to this is that “only so large” nation has some of the most dynamic landscape on the planet. You can rapidly transfer between low hills to jagged peaks and everything inbetween. The overall friendlier climate means you have a larger swathe of the year to choose when to take the trip on as well. New Zealand certainly isn’t a trip to speed through though. The land begs a raider to take their time and explore every side road in a quest to find the most memorable sights possible. It doesn’t hurt that the eclectic New Zealanders are known for being the cheerful sort and are more than likely to share tips on how the make the best of your trip when you settle in somewhere for the night.

An adventure is what you make of it. You can make your pulse pound by going along some routes or you can simply step away from the everyday by taking another option. There are plenty of routes created by both beginner and veteran bikers that are worth looking into and still other roads around the world simply known for their reputation for beauty and thrills. OROGOLD recommends looking into the reputation of any country you want to visit. There’s sure to be somewhere to take your ride and find your own adventure.

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