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Under the Tuscan Sun is a excellent example of a romantic comedy and that has both good and bad aspects to it. You’re sure to get the happiness and enjoyment out of it that you except, but the story may seem just a tad too familiar. Part of what makes the movie shine though are its locales. It explores the places that make up Frances Mayes, the protagonist, old and then new life. Even if movies aren’t your thing, these places make for vibrant places to visit. As a result, OROGOLD would like to offer you a few ways to plan your travels around the movie. You can even start in the United States.

San Francisco

San Francisco, USA
Frances’ unlikely story starts in the City by the Bay. There is a lot to recommend the city for travelers just stopping in and those intending to stay a while. A vibrant history of supporting the arts means you can catch a play readily in one of the many venues around the city. The cable cars can give you a chance to take in the sights if you don’t feel like walking though. Be sure to stop by The Castro though. You won’t necessarily find your own Patti, but the residents are sure to give you an enthusiastic send off for your world travels. Don’t get too comfortable in San Francisco though as that’s only the beginning.

Florence, Italy.

Florence, Italy
You’re going to be in Tuscany anyway and so you should definitely visit Florence. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence holds a distinct place in European history. It shares a similar relationship to the arts with San Francisco, but Florence has been at it much, much longer. Old masters and new firebrands all have their art on display somewhere in the city. You can visit endlessly historical buildings from the city’s long history and enjoy fine regional Italian cooking. However, OROGOLD recommends trying to visit the Palazzo dello Strozzino. This old building actually contains a modern movie theater and has been in operation longer than most of the others in Florence. If you’re on a movie themed vacation, then why not stop in for a film?

Cortono, Italy

Cortona, Italy
The bulk of Under the Tuscan Sun takes places on the outskirts of Cortona in Frances’ villa. While you’re not likely to find just the right home available for purchase in Cortona, you can certainly make the most of your stay. The architecture dates back centuries and you can tell. High, narrow streets offer a passage back in time. More recent Renaissance buildings exist as well in a number of forms. You are more likely to find a great deal of churches though since it is Italy. In case you were wondering though, yes, Fraces’ villa does exist and is, in fact, in Cortona. Unfortunately, the real life Frances Mayes lives there and as a private residence it is not open to the public. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can enjoy seeing it as you pass nearby though.

Movies have a way of transporting you to another world, but sometimes it is better to experience the actual world. The film Under the Tuscan Sun was based on a novel of the same name by the author Frances Mayes. She shared a bit of her life and love of the world in it. OROGOLD can think of no better tribute to Mayes’ sharing that part of her life than following in her footsteps and seeing all the beauty along the way.

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