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Interior of Lancaster resturant with chefs preparing meals

If you’re hunting for exciting restaurants to wine and dine in while in Lancaster, you’re actually in for a treat. Lancaster gives you the opportunity to choose from all sorts of eclectic menus and mouthwatering cuisines and the restaurants in the city are also famous for using the freshest local ingredients. To help you make your lunches and dinners in Lancaster memorable, OROGOLD reviews the best restaurants in Lancaster.

Carr’s Restaurant

Carr’s Restaurant redesigns American classics into Asian exotics using fresh local poultry and organic meats. The preparation is known to be extremely creative and the restaurant is also famous for its fanciful presentations. The Carr’s Restaurant is well loved for its unique layout in the basement of the building and it also gets full marks for its outstanding service. Some of the best dishes and drinks to try out at the Carr’s Restaurant include crab cakes and their selection of 3 draught beers. 

Checkers Bistro

The Checkers Bistro offers you with a fantastic selection of wine, beers and other spirits and it is famous for its exciting American cuisines. The menu offers you with the right kind of choices and the restaurant also features couple specials during the evenings. The entrees and soups served at the restaurant are particularly famous. Some of the dishes worth trying out at the Checkers Bistro include the seared divers scallops, coffee infused petite filets, specialty margaritas and the French press coffee. The desserts are also worth a try.

John J. Jeffries Restaurant

The John J. Jeffries Restaurant finds its way in most lists featuring the best restaurants in Lancaster. It gained popularity for serving food that is prepared with a lot of care using the freshest seasonal ingredients. The decors are a bit dark, but the atmosphere offered by the restaurant is actually quite cool. The restaurant also prides itself in using the city tap water which has been filtered in four different ways. The same water is also used for cooking. Some of the best dishes at the John J. Jeffries Restaurant include the fresh baked foccacia bread and the Spanish Mackerel over spinach and kale. Apart from its quality of dishes and ambience, the John J. Jeffries restaurant also gets full marks for its impeccable service.

Fenz Restaurant

The Fenz Restaurant is located in a 19th century factory building and it is an ideal destination for lovers and couples. It is located in the heart of the vibrant northwest corridor in the city. It also offers guests with a perfect blend of timeless and historic elements in an extremely intimate atmosphere. The Frenz Restaurant features a bistro styled menu and it truly redefines the meaning of “stylish casual dining”. Apart from offering revised classics, the menu also includes small tasting portions which allow guests to sample various dishes at their pleasure.

Gibraltar Restaurant

The Gibraltar Restaurant is an ideal place for that perfect occasion as well as that casual night out on town. It offers you with a spacious dining room, beautiful flower lined patios, a relaxed elegance and excellent cuisines. It is particularly famous for its genuine and top notch hospitality and you can expect every trip to the Gibraltar Restaurant leave you wanting for more.

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