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OROGOLD Explores the Best Scotch Bars in Hawaii – OROGOLD Reviews

Glass of scotch

What could be a better way of enjoying some of the finest scotch than sipping it in sexy locales, treating your eyes to an exotic view and your senses to that undulating energy and those sexy people. Hawaii has always been known for its wild and crazy nightlife and you can find an exciting bar or nightclub around every corner. But, if you’re a scotch lover, you are more than likely to find this OROGOLD list of the best scotch bars in Hawaii more than useful.

Lewers Lounge

Lewers Lounge is the ideal spot for those after-dinner drinks, social get-togethers and evening escapades. This exciting lounge is located in the Halekulani Hotel and it offers you with intimate surroundings and an excellent selection of scotch. Sip on your favorite drinks while enjoying exciting jazz performances from Wednesdays through Saturdays. And even if scotch is not high on your list, you can always try out something unique from their exciting cocktail menu. The Lewers Lounge has gained a reputation for constantly coming up with new drink menus that revolve around its events. For example, Lewers Lounge offered a Mickey’s Ward cocktail for the Oscar season. This refreshing cocktail contained Orange Curacao, touches of mint and lemon, Irish Whiskey and maraschino liqueur.

Nobu Waikiki

Nobu Waikiki is the sort of place that can offer you something perfect for your tastes and dish out an entirely new drink for you on the spot. The place also features special drink menus. One of the most popular drinks at the Nobu Waikiki is the Whiskey Thatcher. This exciting cocktail offers a variation of a gin drink and a splendid blend of extremely complex flavors. The drink has a delicious touch of citrus, bitter and sweetness along with the delicate feel of whiskey.

Wai’olu Lounge

The breathtaking views, fabulous service and delicious eats may be the main draw at the Wai’olu Lounge, located in the Trump Waikiki Hotel, but it is also known to be one of the best destinations in Hawaii to grab a glass of scotch on the rocks. The Wai’olu is one of the most popular steakhouses in Hawaii as well.

Lobby Bar, Four Seasons Maui

The Lobby Bar at the  Four Seasons Maui is particularly famous for its whiskey cocktail “Smile” that needs a perfect balance between sweet, sour and bitter tastes. This unique cocktail not only excites bourbon drinkers, but is also likely to be well loved by those who get put off by the whiskey blast in the first sip.  “Smile” uses ingredients like West Indian Orange Bitters and honey syrup and it is certainly worth your while.

The Trophy Room

The Trophy Room at the Four Seasons Lodge in Koele offers you with a refreshing collection of table games such as pool and shuffleboard and it is considered to be one of the best places to unwind in Hawaii. The classy decors and cool weather at the lodge also resembles a classic Scottish bar and it offers you with the perfect place for some stiff scotch or warm whiskey.

The Veranda

The Veranda is located in the Kalaha Hotel & Resort and it is famous for its fabulous scotch selection. It is also known to be an ideal spot to check out beautiful sunsets. Some of the most popular drinks at The Veranda include the Mai Tais, Planter’s Punch and Lava Flows. You can also find an array of options such as bourbons, single malt scotch, Irish scotch whiskeys and Basil Hayden’s at The Veranda.

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