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The ORO GOLD Cosmetics was born out of a desire to bring the beauty benefits of gold to the forefront of the skin care industry. Gold has many properties that have been harnessed by various societies throughout history.

Basing our products off of this ancient store of knowledge, we formulate each item to maximize the effects of each carefully selected ingredient. After we mastered the use of Gold in our products we began to explore the use of other potent ingredients in order to bring the most cutting edge and luxurious products to our clients. DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) is a compound that has been found to have tightening and firming effects on the skin. We found DMAE to have such dramatic results that we created a whole collection of lifting and tightening products that feature a combination of Gold and DMAE.

Next we began to explore the vast and surprising uses of topical Vitamin C. Young skin is rich in this nutrient, however over time, the nutrients in the skin deplete, contributing to the signs of aging. Vitamin has been found to assist in the production of skin’s natural collagen as well as helping to destroy sun-damaged cells. How could we not include it in our products with benefits like that?

We continue to research and develop new products daily, always looking for the next breakthrough in skin care or looking to revive ancient tips and tricks. Our dedication to quality, luxurious products is stronger than ever as we continue to see happy customers leaving our stores and returning time and again, thrilled with the success of our products.