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Cordoba Mosque-cathedral, Andalusia, Spain.

Andalusia, a region in the south of Spain, is a land of contrasts, with ancient cities, sandy deserts, dazzling beaches and snow-topped mountains. With a rich Moorish heritage, a vibrant culture and a distinct way of life, Andalusia is another one of OROGOLD’s favorite timeless destinations.

Spain Square, Seville.

Any thorough exploration of Andalusia must begin in one of its cities in order to experience the many Spanish stereotypes that are immediately brought to life. In Seville you will find all of the Spanish icons that made the country popular around the world, from flamenco to tapas bars to matadors to strolling guitarists. Seville claims to be the birthplace of tapas, and, even if this is not true, with over 4000 different tapas bars, it is the ideal city to get a taste for the different tapas dishes available. In addition to its deep cultural roots, Seville also has many ancient buildings to explore, and monuments and museums that portray the history of the region. Their two big festivals held each year around Easter time see the streets of the city turned into an intensely theatrical celebration, making Easter the time of year that OROGOLD would recommend you visit.

Palacio de Carlos V, Granada, Spain.

Granada is one of the best preserved Spanish towns in a stunning natural setting. The most exciting Ibero-Moorish icon in Grenada is the Alhambra, a palace-fortress that sits atop a hill and overlooks the town. Although it is this that attracts the most tourists, there are plenty of other cultural delights to take in around Granada. Albaicin, a former Moorish town, is an intriguing historical quarter full of narrow alley ways and quaint squares, perfect for an evening stroll. Granada is also home to many intimate flamenco haunts and innovative bars, as well as plenty of delicious options for tapas, and the town’s youthful vibe interwoven with its rich history makes it modern yet timeless.

Sunrise views of Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada
While many immediately think of golden beaches and warm sunshine at the mention of Spain, the Sierra Nevada mountain range is the complete opposite of this. Stretching out over 75km from west to east, the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada form the highest point in Spain, while the lush, deep valleys, fed by the water trickling down the mountain from the melting snow, are speckled with tiny picturesque villages. The villages are truly authentic and charming, with many seeing no changes even after decades. In the Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada, the largest national park in Spain, you till find over 2000 different species of plants, as well as about 5000 ibex, the largest ibex population in Andalusia.

One thing that every location in Andalusia has in common is their delicious cuisine, with fish and seafood being local staples. Although some parts of Andalusia, such as the resorts on the Costa del Sol, are frequently packed with tourists, there are plenty of other parts of the region that are more untouched by tourism. These locations have managed to hold on to their traditional Andalusian way of life, earning Andalusia the right to be called an enticingly timeless destination.

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