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Beautiful views of the Sperlonga Old Town in Lazio, Italy

Lazio, a region in central Italy, is a timeless pocket of ancient civilization. Its historic Christian culture, mythical legends and magnificently unspoiled scenery, makes it no surprise that it is one of OROGOLD’s favorite timeless destinations.

The St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy.

Rome, the capital of Italy and otherwise known as the Eternal City, immediately engulfs you in its timeless yet cosmopolitan allure. The Colosseum, the stadium where many famous gladiator battles took place, is one of Rome’s most popular attractions. A trip into the Pantheon is also a must, making you feel as though you are standing in the center of an inside-out sundial. Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, is also in Rome, and contains the Sistine Chapel. The ceiling, painted by Michaelangelo, went on to forever change the direction of Western art.

Sunset views of the Ponza Island, Lazio, Italy.

Ponza, the Pontine Islands
The Pontine Islands are a charming archipelago of small volcanic islands, just off the coast of Italy between Rome and Naples. The largest of the islands is Ponza, so loved by the locals that they try their best to keep its beauty a secret. Ponza’s main attractions are its emerald coves, scalloped coastline and pristine landscape. A short boat ride can take you to see the other Pontine Islands, as well as to the nature reserve of Zannone. For snorkellers and divers, there are many different underwater shipwrecks to explore, and, on land, plenty of ruins to visit. You can also see the Grotte di Pilato along Ponza’s shore, three small caves that ancient Romans used to raise fish for their meals.

The Bullicame Hot Spring, Viterbo, Italy

Viterbo is located to the north of Lazio, and, although it experienced severe bombing and destruction in WWII, it is the best medieval town in the region, with well-preserved buildings and an attractive historic center. In addition to its historic appeal, ,Viterbo is also famous for its thermal springs, which have been used since ancient times. A thermal spa complex is currently on the site, where you can pay a fee to bathe in the pools. Alternatively, the more adventurous of you can head into the countryside in search of the other natural pools, and bathe in the steaming water surrounded by unspoiled Italian scenery. Other attractions worth visiting in Viterbo include the gorgeous lakes Vico and Bolsena and the grand palace at Caprarola.

Although the majority of tourists visit Rome rather than the other parts of Lazio, the whole region is full of a sense of timeless magic. Many of the smaller towns don’t see a large number of tourists, and the locals are exceptionally friendly once they know that you are interested in exploring their area. Many of the towns are easy to access during day trips from Rome, so it is possible to still stay in the city but get a true taste of authentic Italy. In addition to visiting OROGOLD’s most timeless Lazio destinations, take the time to enjoy Italian life and culture, socializing at sidewalk cafes while basking in the sun and sampling the delicious local cuisine.

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