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When it comes to outdoor activities, Germany, and its diverse landscape, offers the very best. From multi-day canoe trips to long-distance hikes, these are some of the most popular outdoor activities in Germany.


Filled with winding waterways and expansive lakes, Germany is ideal for a number of different watersports, from sailing to windsurfing. However, the most popular are canoeing and river kayaking, as there are several major rivers that are perfect for this. For those who want to experience a multi-day canoe trip, head to the Muritz National Park, which is home to a maze of stunning lakes that is well-suited for a canoe-and-camp trip.

Walking and Hiking
There is extraordinary natural beauty to be seen no matter where in Germany you go, which makes walking and hiking ideal ways to take this all in. While hiking trails can be found all over the country, there are a couple of long-distance walks that offer the best views, and these include the Rennsteig, which stretches for 168 kilometers, and the Malerweg, which runs for 112 kilometers. In recent years, Nordic walking has also become popular in some parts of Germany. This outdoor activity makes for an interesting change from regular walking, with the use of ski poles to help you stride quickly ahead.

Woman cycling

With over 42,000 kilometers of cycle routes to choose from, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring Germany by bike. A large number of the major cycle paths follow river courses, but there are also many cross-country trails that you can take. For those who want more of an adrenaline rush, mountain biking is another option, and you will find mountain biking trails criss-crossing through some incredibly beautiful German forests.

Germany’s ski resorts are some of the finest in the world, especially at the Bavarian Alps, just south of Munich. From pistes that were used for the 2011 Alpine World Ski Championship to the largest continuous ski area in Germany, Bavaria offers the very best when it comes to skiing. Other than Bavaria, the Thuringian Forest highlands, as well as the Sauerland regions, are home to some incredible cross-country ski trails, while the Black Forest region is always popular for downhill skiing.

Woman riding a horse

Horseback Riding
Many say that horseback riding provides you with a perspective unlike any other, and there is no denying that this is a mesmerizing way in which to explore Germany’s countryside. From galloping through vast country estates to a leisurely trail ride through a dense forest, there are so many different horseback riding options to choose from, that even beginners will be able to give this a go.

With so much diversity and exceptional natural beauty, it only makes sense to make the most of all of this when in Germany, indulging in as many outdoor activities as you can. Whether this may be canoeing through a national park or skiing down the country’s highest mountain, the range of outdoor activities found here is truly impressive, guaranteeing that outdoor enthusiasts will always have something new to try.

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