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SacramentoFamous for being the longest continuously-operating art museum in the West, as well as one of the leading art museums in California, Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum was established in 1885. With an incredibly diverse collection of fine art, ranging from Californian art to African and Oceanic art to international ceramics and photography, this museum is a must-visit for any art buffs traveling to Sacramento.

Current Exhibitions
One of the museum’s most popular exhibitions at the moment is titled Reuniting the Masters, and consists of a selection of European drawings that have each been displayed in major collections in the past on the West Coast. Many of these drawings come from the same artist, and even the same sketchbook, but were separated over the centuries, only to now be reunited at the Crocker Art Museum. While the Reuniting the Masters exhibition mostly features drawings, the Highest Heaven exhibition consists of 107 paintings and artefacts that trace the spread of Catholicism in South America, from Argentina to Peru. For those who would prefer to look at some sculpture, A Show of Force displays the work of internationally recognized sculptor Allan Houser, whose work focuses on Native American themes. Another sculpture exhibition currently being held is called Beyond Sculpture, with the work of Claire Falkenstein, but this one is only running until the 31st of December, so be sure to catch it soon.

Gallery exhibition
Upcoming Exhibitions
There are some exciting upcoming exhibitions to look forward to at the Crocker Art Museum, with one of these being Two Views, which will display 40 photographed by Ansel Adams and 26 by Leonard Frank that depict the two points of views experienced in the turbulent relationship between the Japanese and the Americans. For more Japanese art, the Into the Fold exhibition will be beginning on the 22nd of January, and will be displaying contemporary Japanese ceramics by some of the most talented ceramicists in Japan, while JapanAmerica Points of Contact is a major exhibition that once again focuses on these two cultures.

Special Events and Activities
The Crocker Art Museum strives to cultivate a passion for art in children, and there are several events and activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. The museum’s Holiday Art Break teaches them everything from clay hand-building techniques to wire sculpture, while the Crocker Art Camp features a range of activities that are designed to boost creative thinking skills, while developing friendships between participants. There are also plenty of events aimed at adults, from tours of the museum’s permanent collection to discussions and talks on different artistic themes and historic cultural events.

The Crocker Art Museum is open everyday of the week apart from Mondays, and, in addition to the art on display, is also home to a gift shop and a café that serves up fresh weekly specials. The exhibitions at the Crocker Art Museum all delve into important themes and topics, and you are likely to lose yourself in the art as you tour the museum, so be sure to set aside a good few hours for your visit.

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