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Charlotte Amalie

Located on the island of St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie is the capital of USVI, and also the largest of the cities in this unique archipelago. Almost all of the major stores in St. Thomas can be found in Charlotte Amalie, from high-end fashion boutiques to intimate local specialty stores, making the city a truly diverse and vibrant shopping destination.

Vendors Plaza
Located just across from Fort Christian and Emancipation Park, Vendors Plaza is filled with booths, tents and tables that sell just about every souvenir that you could imagine. From tropical clothing to silver jewelry to island trinkets, this is the place to go if you are wanting to find some local souvenirs to take home with you. You will also find plenty of local food stands, selling everything from homemade ice cream to coconuts, as well as some other one-of-a-kind booths, such as the one that offers mini photo shoots with a donkey. The number of vendors that set up at Vendors Plaza each day depends on how many cruise ships are in port, so if you are after the best variety, make sure to visit at a time when there are a few ships docked.

Havensight Mall

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Havensight Mall
Since Havensight Mall is located at the eastern edge of Charlotte Amalie, it receives a high level of traffic from cruise ship passengers and has a large selection of shops to cater to them. Several major retailers can be found here, from specialty jewelry designers to the largest camera store on St. Thomas. While the area around Havensight Mall may seem slightly industrial at first, do not let this put you off, as some of the bargains and goods found here cannot be purchased anywhere else on the island.

Market Square
Also known as Rothschild Francis Square, Market Square has served as a produce market for the island for two centuries now and is believed to have been first established in 1836. Market Square also used to be the site where slave auctions were held, and these auction blocks can still be seen today, although they have now been roofed over. For those who enjoy exploring local markets, a visit to Market Square is a must. While Saturdays may be the square’s busiest day, you are bound to find plenty of action and local color just about any day of the week.

Main Street, Charlotte Amalie

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Main Street
While Charlotte Amalie’s Main Street may be lined with a variety of shops, the most dominant of them all are the range of jewelry shops, where you can find some of the finest jewelry on the island. There are also a few side streets and alleyways that come off from Main Street, and these are also filled with all sorts of stores. The side streets, such as Rise Alley and Palm Passage, are where you will find unique stores and boutiques, as well as a number of cute and cozy restaurants and cafés.

St. Thomas is home to bargains galore, and the majority of these can be found in the historical city of Charlotte Amalie. Whether you are after local jewelry or duty-free discounts, the many shopping districts of the city are bound to be able to provide what you are seeking, along with the exciting experience of shopping in the Caribbean.

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