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Both strawberries and chocolate have long since been believed to be powerful aphrodisiacs, making it no surprise that they become increasingly popular around February 14th! For those of you who want to treat your other half to this age-old love potion, here are some ideas for tasty treats that beautifully bring together strawberries and chocolate.

Strawberry Chocolate Tart
For those of you who are confident in the kitchen, a baked strawberry and chocolate tart will definitely win approval from your partner. Alternatively, if you are not a fan of baking, there are plenty of recipes for no-bake strawberry chocolate tarts that are equally tasty and work as a fantastic romantic dessert for two.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
While most confectionery shops will sell boxes of chocolate covered strawberries, they always taste so much better, and mean so much more, when created at home with your very own hands. They are extremely simple to make – all you need are some toothpicks inserted into strawberries, and some melted chocolate, which you can either melt in a double boiler or just in the microwave. Dip the strawberries into the chocolate and then lay them down to cool, before drizzling them with some decadent white chocolate for some extra contrast.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini
If you decide to make chocolate covered strawberries, then you might as well serve these alongside a chocolate covered strawberry martini. Blend and strain some fresh strawberries to create a purée, before combining this in a cocktail shaker with some vodka, crème de cacao and cream. Rim your frosted martini glasses with cocoa powder before pouring the cocktail in, garnishing the drinks with the chocolate covered strawberries that you made earlier. Experiment with using different proportions of each of the ingredients, so that you can come up with a concoction that you are certain your partner will absolutely love.

Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries

Chocolate Fondue with Strawberry Pieces
Chocolate fondue is a delicious melted chocolate dipping sauce that is served in a fondue pot to keep it warm. For a special sweet treat for your loved one, make your own chocolate fondue at home, and serve it up with a variety of strawberry bites. These can include fresh strawberries pieces, frozen strawberries for a delicious temperature contrast, or even pieces of strawberry cake, strawberry cookies and strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry Mousse in Chocolate Cups
A strawberry mousse can take some practice to perfect, but it is well worth the effort. Chocolate cups are ideal for serving the mousse in, and, if you can’t find any at a store near you, you can easily make your own by painting the inside of paper cups with tempered chocolate. The texture of your strawberry mousse should be light and airy, and leave you feeling satisfied but not too full, ensuring plenty of energy for after-dinner activities!

Chocolate and strawberries are classic aphrodisiacs, and they also complement each other so beautifully in terms of flavor. Whether you make a few simple chocolate covered strawberry, or go all out with a gourmet strawberry chocolate tart, these two ingredients are able to add some romance to just about any dessert.

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