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Museo Amparo
Located in Puebla City’s historic center, the Museo Amparo, also known as the Amparo Museum, is considered to be one of the most important museums in Mexico. Housed in two traditional colonial buildings, a mansion and a former hospital, that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, the museum showcases the way in which Mexico has developed over history, with items dating from 2500 BCE to the present day.

The Permanent Collection
There are two parts to the Museo Amparo’s permanent collection, the first focusing on Pre-Hispanic art, and the second on 19th century and religious art. It is this very permanent collection that is so widely acclaimed, with the Pre-Hispanic Mexico section containing over 2000 pieces that have been thoughtfully selected in order to tell the story of Mexico’s early civilizations. From sculptures to vases to tools to a timeline that showcases the country’s rich history, this museum is one of the best ways to learn more about how Mexico has become the country that it is today. The second part of the permanent collection is housed in a setting that represents the colonial home of the Espinoza family, providing visitors with an insight into what a wealthy family home would have looked like in this time period. From decorative objects to furniture to silverware, this is a collection that truly takes you back in time.

Temporary Exhibitions
The Museo Amparo has an exciting schedule of temporary exhibitions, with the majority of them being held for quite a few months, making it easier for art enthusiasts to plan a trip. Currently, there are some fascinating exhibitions on display, such as Testimonies of Faith, which displays a selection of small narrative paintings that were popular in Europe in the 15th century, and Transporto, which was inspired by packaging. Architecture in Process is another exhibition that should not be missed, and focuses on the work of Mario Pani, one of Latin America’s most prominent architects. Showcasing everything from his design process to construction, this exhibition will teach you about how Pani was a huge influence to those that followed.


Events and Activities
In order to really cultivate an interest in art and history, the Museo Amparo offers a wide range of different special events and activities, for both adults as well as children. For those with kids, storytelling sessions are available to encourage a love for reading, while the Marquetry workshop promises to teach them a unique new skill. For adults that want to know more about Silvia Gruner, one of the artists that is currently being featured in the museum’s temporary exhibitions, there is a conference with her where she will be on hand to answer any questions. There are also plenty of guided tours to choose from, each focussing on a specific area of the museum so that visitors can spend time learning more about the area that fascinates them the most.

There is no denying that the Museo Amparo is one of the finest museums in the country, and, in addition to this, its expertise in interactive multimedia displays mean that it is able to bring exhibitions to life like never before. Whether you are hoping to learn more about Mexico’s history, or want to experience cutting edge modern contemporary art, art lovers should definitely set aside at least a few hours to spend exploring this fascinating museum.

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