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Beach in Marbella

Marbella is known for its incredible beaches, each of which offer something slightly different. Whether you are seeking a fun and friendly family beach, or an untouched and unspoiled beach, these are the three beaches that you definitely need to spend some time when you are next in Marbella.

Playa Artola
Also known as the Artola Dunes, Playa Artola is quite a unique beach in Marbella, as it is the only one that is not backed by any sort of urbanization, making it extremely picturesque. Since the sand dunes are considered to be a natural monument, construction has been banned on the beach, leaving it beautifully unspoiled, which is why the beach has won numerous awards for its cleanliness. When it comes time for a bite to eat, head to the nearby Cabo Pino Marina, where you will find a tantalizing array of different restaurants. This area is often overlooked by the majority of tourists due to its small size, but it actually boasts an authentically quaint Mediterranean charm that makes it well worth visiting.

Playa de Nueva Andalucia
Famous for being one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Marbella, Playa de Nueva Andalucia, which is also known as El Duque, is just over 1000 metres long, with an average width of 30 metres, making it expansive enough for leisurely walks and other activities. Due to its size, this is a popular beach, meaning that there are several different amenities to be found here ,from water sport rental facilities to chiringuitos serving up cold jugs of sangria. There are a number of restaurants located on the beach too, but if you do happen to stop for something to eat, head to Los Espigones, as they serve up fresh local dishes amidst gorgeous surroundings. After your meal, take a stroll along the maritime walkway, which stretches from Puerto Banus to Nueva Andalucia, where there are plenty of activities to see and do along the way.


Playa del Pinillo
Better known as Funny Beach, Playa del Pinillo has had to fight to stay open due to controversy over its facilities, but it has, thankfully, managed to continue running. This is the perfect beach destination to head to if you are travelling with children, as there are so many different activities here for them to do. With everything from paddlesurfing to go-karting to banana boat rides, this beach park provides the ultimate in entertainment. There are plenty of food options to choose from here, although, just like with the activities, these tend to be geared more towards children, so if fine dining is what you are after, then this is not the destination for you. Running alongside a part of the beach is the Funny Beach Market, where you will find everything from local handicrafts to second hand books, making it fascinating to browse through. Since you are likely travelling with children, there is a fun fair on-site to keep them entertained while you spend some time shopping.

Located on Spain’s Costa del Sol, there is definitely no shortage of beach destinations in Marbella. Whether you are travelling with your entire family, or that special someone, you will no doubt be able to find a beach that is exactly what you are looking for.

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