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While driving is usually something that we do to reach a destination, sometimes a drive can be a destination in itself. Europe is a spectacular continent with so much to offer, and one of the best ways to explore the different regions is by taking a road trip. Since there are so many amazing road trip destinations throughout the continent, OROGOLD has rounded up some of the top Euro road trips out there.

Ring Road, Iceland.

The Ring Road, Iceland
Iceland’s Ring Road is the country’s main national road, and, measuring 1339 kilometres, circles the entire island. Taking a road trip on the Ring Road is an extremely memorable experience, and one that is filled with so much natural beauty. From bubbling geothermal springs to cascading waterfalls to rugged mountains, there is so much to see on this classic drive. You will also be able to explore the city of Reykjavik, visit the East Fjords, and check out the Eyjafjallajokull volcano – some of Iceland’s most beautiful sights. OROGOLD also reminds you to keep your eyes on the sky, as it is highly likely that you may spot a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights while traveling around the Ring Road. While it is possible to drive the entire road in a day or two, OROGOLD suggests allowing one week for this road trip, so that you have enough time to make plenty of stops and really see the country.

La Route des Grandes Alpes, France
La Route des Grandes Alpes, otherwise known as the Great Alpine Road, was designed and built specifically for travelers who wanted a scenic route through the region. The road measures 684 kilometres, and stretches from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, encompassing some of the highest, and most scenic, mountainous landscapes in Europe. The abundance of French motorways means that the road is relatively clear of traffic throughout most of the day, making it an ideal one for a leisurely road trip.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast, Italy
The Amalfi Coast, located in the Sorrento Peninsula, is considered by many to be one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in Italy, making it no surprise that it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1996. With medieval villages, rocky cliffs rising out of the sea, sandy beaches and lush hillsides, this Mediterranean landscape is a joy to drive through. OROGOLD suggests beginning at Salerno, as this is usually the most convenient starting point for travelers wanting to visit the Amalfi Coast. From here, there are a variety of itineraries that you could choose from, depending on what you personally want to see. OROGOLD reminds you that the roads here are extremely windy and can often be challenging to drive, so experience is a must.

Road trips are a fantastic way to see a new destination at your own pace, stopping off at points of interest that appeal to you the most. From the majestic landscapes surrounding the Ring Road in Iceland to the quaint Italian villages sprinkled throughout the Amalfi Coast, these are most definitely Euro road trips that OROGOLD would highly recommend.

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