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Boston city and the river

For those who want a way to tour Boston but avoid traffic at the same time, a water taxi could be perfect for you. These can collect you from just about any of the docks at Boston Harbor, taking you to your destination, whether this may be from Logan International Airport to North End or East Boston to the Seaport District.

Tour Itinerary
For those who want a truly immersive tour of Boston, try taking the water taxi along its whole route. Begin at Logan Airport, before cruising past Liberty Wharf and the World Trade Center. Fan Pier, with its marina and waterfront, will be what you see next, as well as the Moakley Federal Courthouse and Children’s Wharf. After this will be Atlantic Wharf, Griffin’s Wharf, Rowes Wharf, Central Wharf and Long Wharf, which is where you can disembark if you would like to spend a few hours following the Freedom Trail. Finally, the route heads past the Yacht Haven Marina, Sargents Wharf and Burroughs Wharf, before turning around and heading back the same way.

Calling a Water Taxi
The water taxis in Boston Harbor operate on demand, with each vessel taking around ten and fifteen minutes to pick you up. This means that you do not need to call ahead and book a water taxi, and can instead simply phone up fifteen minutes before you are needing a ride. Just like a traditional taxi cab ride, your journey will last between ten and twenty minutes, depending on the weather, the number of other riders, and the location of your final destination.

Aerial view of Boston Harbor

Ticket Types
If you have a set start and finish point, then a one way ticket may be all that you need to tour the city. However, if you would like the option of hopping on and off as you please, so that you can check out various attractions along the way, or using the water taxi for your entire stay in the city, then it may be worth purchasing a pass. You can either purchase a ten ride pass, which two people can share and use for a total of ten rides, or a monthly pass, which grants one person unlimited rides for the duration of the month following their ticket purchase.

Water Taxi Companies
There are three main water taxi companies operating out of Boston Harbor, each one of them offering quite similar services. However, it is handy to be aware of all three, just in case you cannot get hold of one on the day that you need a ride. From Boston Harbor Water Taxi to Rowes Wharf Water Transport to City Water Taxi, each company services numerous destinations around the harbor, and can be called on demand.

Taking a tour of Boston from Boston Harbor is a great way to enjoy a picturesque overview of the city. Whether you are looking for a scenic ride to the city center from the airport, or simply want a city tour without having to deal with being stuck in traffic, water taxis provide a fantastic alternative.

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