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Celebrities travel much more than the majority of us do, and, with the rise of social media, can post updates and travel advice on-the-go. OROGOLD has scoured through the different social media accounts of all of your favorite celebrities to bring you some of the best travel tips that they have to offer.

Choose a Color Palette
Being the creative director for Marie Claire, as well as being a judge on Project Runway, means that Nina Garcia constantly finds herself having to travel. To keep things simple while packing, Garcia often plans her travel wardrobe around one or two specific colors. Her Instagram photo of one of her suitcases in the midst of being packed shows large amounts of black and gold, two colors that perfectly complement each other for both day and night. If sticking to one or two colors is too difficult for you, especially for those of you who love plenty of color, OROGOLD recommends adding bursts of color with your accessories, be it a printed bag, bright shoes or colorful jewellery.

Woman trying to close an overstuffed suitcase.

Leave Room to Shop
No matter where they are traveling to, chances are that any celebrity will be sure to make some time to do some shopping, bringing some local flavor back to their hometown. It is always devastating when your new shopping purchases don’t fit into your suitcase, so a top tip from fashion blogger Bryan Boy is to make sure that you leave enough room for your shopping in your suitcase, even if that means traveling with a suitcase that is half empty, as the more room you leave at the beginning, the more shopping you will have space for!

A Pillow and Blanket
This tip is especially important for those that are going to be traveling on a long, overnight flight. Not only are the pillows and blankets handed out by airlines relatively uncomfortable, but they are also lacking on the cleanliness scale, and can often be a hotbed for all sorts of germs. When traveling, even first class, Rihanna will always bring along her own pillow and blanket, posting photos on Instagram of her looking chic yet cozy on the plane wrapped up in her own leopard print blanket.

Luggage being screened at airport security.

Protect Your Luggage
It is always extremely painful to see your expensive designer suitcase coming through the baggage belt looking tattered and dirty.André Leon Talley, the former editor-at-large for Vogue, recommends wrapping your luggage in plastic before checking it in. Many airports around the world, especially those outside of the US, have a machine that can wrap your luggage for you before you check it in, keeping it clean and safe.

Traveling is usually quite stressful, so it is always great to hear about new travel tips that help to make the journey more relaxing and comfortable. From packing light, with just a few colors, to protecting your brand new designer suitcase before checking it in, keep these celebrity travel tips in mind when you are heading off on your next vacation.

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